Soundcloud to add advertising to pay royalties to artists & rights owners.

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soundcloud banner

SoundCloud to introduce streaming royalties

Earlier this week, music streaming giant Soundcloud announced that they are looking to start using display advertising on user uploaded content to enable streaming royalty payments to artists and recording copyright owners alike.

The introduction of the advertising is at first limited to the US and on the Soundcloud desktop web site only. Any mobile or app based versions of the site along with existing embedded tracks won’t be initially affected by the proposed changes.

Soundcloud have announced that they are considering the option of a subscription based premium service where users can pay a fee to not see any advertising at all.

With the major labels already in discussions about the royalty aspect of the service, the impact for the independent music industry is still yet unknown pending the dust settling on this initial announcement.

From a DJ’s perspective there are a few unknowns. Will we see more restrictions on copy written music being used on DJ mixes or radio shows uploaded under the creative commons license? How will the social community aspect of Soundcloud and the ability to reach a lot of ears quickly be affected?

From a rights owner perspective, is this a good way of earning another revenue stream from our content aside from an actual customer purchase or licensing request?

It will be interesting to see how rival services such as Mixcloud step up to capture any potential users distracted by the Soundcloud changes.

Didn’t someone once say “The Future is Orange”?

Fazed Music Podcast: April 2013

April 14th, 2013 Comments off

Following a brief break in March the Fazed Music podcast returns to our monthly routine with this mix. The mix features tracks & remixes from March & April and is ‘Topped & Tailed’ by tracks from one of our favourite producers of the moment: Kyodai. Hope you enjoy the mix!

Track listing is below:

Artist – Track (remix) – Label

1: Kyodai – Do You Wanna – Papa Recordings
2: Detroit Swindle – I Gotta Know – Freerange
3: Moodtrap – Monday – Tsuba
4: Afrobeat – One Day – I Recordings
5: Jocelyn Mathieu – Just Fly (Timothee Milton Remix) – SSOH
6: The Messenger – Morning Gold – I Recordings
7: Tony Lionni – Two Dark Figures – Freerange
8: Andrade – Hype No Tool – Dessous
9: Oren Bi – Walk in Sync (Kyodai Remix) – The Exquisite Pain

Click here to download.


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Fazed Music Podcast: Feb 2013

February 17th, 2013 Comments off

The February edition of our podcast is now available to download directly below or via iTunes to subscribers.

This month mix is on a slightly more upbeat house music tip and finishes on a classic late 90′s disco sampling 12″ from the vaults in Johnnick’s ‘Play The World’ on Henry Street records.

As always, please feel to share the mix as you see fit. In addition you can contact us directly via our contacts page also with any feedback or comments or in regards to further information.

The mix track listing is as follows:

Artist – Title(Mix) – Label

1: Volta Cab – Always In The Place (Session Victim) – Whats In The Box
2: Kruse & Nuernberg – We Like What We Do – Push Communications
3: Andre Harris – Everybody (Daniell Spencer Herbal Dub Dose) – Innate Soul
4: Dexter Kane & Sybian – You Know The One – Shadow Sanctuary
5: Roberto Rodriguez – Oxymoron – Freerange
6: Kelvin K – Good 2 U Yeah – Amenti
7: Jacob Bech – That’s Why – Large
8: Rills – Looking For A Place In Cupaiba – 8Bit
9: Johnnick – Play The World – Henry Street

Click here to download.


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Fazed Music Podcast: Jan 2013

January 20th, 2013 Comments off

The first podcast of 2013 features a number of our favourite tracks from recent months.

The mix is just over 40 minutes long with the track list as per below. I hope you Enjoy!

Artist – Title (mix) – Label

1: Jimpster – Can’t Stop Loving You – Freerange Recs
2: Shade – All Alone – Silver Network
3: Robosonic – Worst Love (Fritz Zander Mix) – OFF Recs
4: Pol_On – Hope to see You There – Kolour Recs
5: Bicep – Don’t – Aus Music
6: Willie Graff & Tuccilo – Misdirection – Local Talk
7: Moodtrap – Out of Time – Tsuba
8: Joe Drive – Tefnu (Tyrell Rework) – 4Lux Black
9: Vincenzo & Filipsson – Path of the Least Resistance – Vibrating Balance

Click here to download.


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Please feel free to drop us a line via our contacts page for any further information or feedback.

IODA to Merge with The Orchard

March 8th, 2012 Comments off

Fazed Music’s digital aggregator has announced a merger with a rival peer company; The Orchard. The below is a copy of the official IODA press release regarding the merger:

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 6, 2011 - The Orchard (, and IODA (, today announced an agreement to combine their leading global digital distribution businesses in a new venture. The merged company, called The Orchard, will create a new market leader in providing comprehensive digital distribution services for music and video.

Brad Navin, current CEO of The Orchard, will become the CEO of the combined company. Kevin Arnold, founder and CEO of IODA, will take on an advisory role to the Board of Directors for the combined company and work on strategic projects for Sony.

“The Orchard and IODA were both founded to maximize opportunities for independent labels and artists. This deal opens doors for everyone by creating the preeminent platform for distribution, sales and marketing,” said Navin. “We’re combining two talented teams supported by a scalable infrastructure, which will give us more flexibility than ever to stay focused on our clients while continuing to work with the independent label community to improve the future of the industry.”

“Both IODA and The Orchard have played an important role in changing the way independent rightsholders take advantage of the new digital economy,” said Arnold. “By joining forces, independents around the world will benefit from the global reach and robust technology of the newly combined company.”

Together, The Orchard and IODA will leverage its increased scale and unmatched expertise in working with rightsholders and digital service providers globally to build innovative and meaningful digital revenue streams for independent labels and artists.

In addition, the combined company will continue to empower artists, managers, labels and video creators by providing them with a powerful, user-­friendly sales and marketing platform that leverages the very best technologies and promotional tools from The Orchard and IODA for connecting with fans worldwide. The comprehensive solution will create even more compelling promotional and commercial opportunities for rightsholders and further maximize their growth potential.

IODA clients include Allegro, Arts & Crafts, Cosmos Music Group, Ghostly International, London Symphony Orchestra, Mello Music and Som Livre . The Orchard’s clients include Barsuk Records, Cleopatra Records, Daptone Records, Frenchkiss Records, Frontiers Records, Nuclear Blast, One Media Publishing and Sesame Workshop.

Both companies have approved the transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2012. Financial terms were not disclosed.

About The Orchard

The Orchard, a pioneering music and video distribution company operating in more than 20 global markets, provides an innovative and comprehensive sales and marketing platform for content owners. With industry?leading technology and operations, The Orchard’s creative, tailored approach streamlines its clients’ business complexity while amplifying reach and revenue across hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world, as well as physical retailers in North America and Europe. The Orchard was founded in 1997 to foster independence and creativity in the music industry. For further information, please visit

About IODA
IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, is one of the industry-­?leading digital distribution companies for the global independent music and video community. IODA provides comprehensive services to record labels, physical distributors, artists, and filmmakers, including license negotiations; media encoding and metadata management; royalty payment administration and reporting; and marketing and promotional support. Founded in 2003, IODA represents a rapidly expanding roster of independent music, film, and video titles. IODA distributes its catalog to hundreds of digital storefronts worldwide, including all major digital music services like Amazon MP3 and iTunes®, new access services such as Deezer, MOG, Rdio and Spotify, and mobile carriers including AT&T, Orange, Rekochoku, Verizon and Vodafone. The company’s website is

Seasons Recordings Catalog Collection Final Sale!

November 28th, 2011 Comments off

One of my favourite & inspirational labels has the sale to end all sales on at present.

See the below taken from the Seasons blog


$50.00 – On Sale

$50.00 for all 3 collections!

Close to 75 records total!


This is a incredible deal for those that have missed some of the catalogs over the years, we are selling each label as a collectors edition set!

** Seasons Recordings Collection** from the year 1998 through 2008. The list of records included in the collection are listed below.

If you buy these collections you will also get a FREE (7) CD set!

Here is a link to listen some of the titles:

**** Contact me for local (California) pick up or International shipping rates ****

SEA12-012 Natural Rhythm “Jive Remixes” Swag & Attaboy

SEA12-013 CPEN “Pirate’s Life”

SEA12-014 Natural Rhythm “Polyphonic EP”

SEA12-015 Lance Nuance “Leaving The City”

SEA12-016 2ND Shift Featuring Heather “Somethin Else
Remixes” Freaks & Derrick Carter”

SEA12-018 2ND Shift Featuring Heather “Derrick Carter limited Dubs”

SEA12-019 CPEN “Robotica EP”

SEA12-020 Lance Nuance “The Pieces Unfold”

SEA12-022 Curb Feelers “Senor Friction”

SEA12-023 Joshua “Dubwise”

SEA12-024 Untitled Orchestra “Untitled”

SEA12-026 Brett Johnson “And Now The Left”

SEA12-028 2nd Shift Featuring Anthony Pearson “Its Been A Longtime” Freaks & Swag Mixes”

SEA12-029 2nd Shift Featuring Heather “Down Where” Lance
Nuance & Joshua Mixes

SEA12-031 Brett Johnson “Forever You”

SEA12-032 CPEN “Nouveaux”

SEA12-034 Undercover Agency Featuring Mimico
“Adentro”Rob Mello Remix

SEA12-036 Home & Garden featuring Chris Jackson “beat It To
Tha Side”

SEA12-037 Joshua Dubwise “Las Playas De Mexico EP”

SEA12-039 Tony Senghore “In The Latin Fashion”

SEA12-040 Brett Johnson featuring Dave Barker “Broken” Brett Johnson & Tony Senghore Mixes

SEA12-041 Brett Johnson featuring Dave Barker “Where are you going” Freaks & Sumo mixes

SEA12-044 Untitled Orchestra “Everything I do” Brett Johnson Mix

SEA12-046 Don Francisco feat Belinda Kazanci “Wake You Up”

SEA12-048 2ND Shift feat Diz “Latin Boogie” remixes by Joshua

SEA12-049 2nd Shift feat. Heather “Are You Ready For The Future” Halo & Jamie Thinnes Remix

SEA12-051 Uptown Tones “Next Stop Chicago”

SEA12-052 Mattuew Bandy & Jake Childs Featuring Derek Mayo “Feel it”

SEA-053 Untitled Orchestra “It’s Never Forever” WHITE VINYL

SEA12-054 CPEN “Mind Control EP”

SEA12-055 Untitled Orchestra “Lullaby”

SEA12-057 Jake Childs Featuring Alexander East “Inside” W/ CPEN Mixes

SEA12-058 CPEN “Lovers Lounge” W/ J.T. Donaldson Remix

SEALP-01 2ND Shift “An Evening In The Listening Room” Double LP

SEALP-02 Undercover Agency “Paper Love” Double LP

**Seasons Limited Collection** from the year 2000 through 2008. The list of records included in the collection are listed below.

Here is a link to listen to the titles:

SL-05 S.U.M.O. “Down With The Sumo’s” Part 2

SL-06 Fred Everything & Andy Caldwell Featuring Gina Rene “Live Your Life”

SL-07 Triangle Orchestra “Elgin Park”

SL-08 S.U.M.O. “Shika Tracks” Vol 1

SL-11 Phonique “Pascal feat Mr. Day Remixes”

SL-12 S.U.M.O. “Don’t You Love Me”

SL-13 DJ Ino Featuring Yoio C “It’s Around”

SL-14 David Panda Featuring Frosche “Loving Back”


SL-16 David Panda Featuring Derek Conyer “This Time” with a Charles Webster remix

Sl-17 S.U.M.O. “Santiago Boys Remixes” SUMO, Halo & Jamie Thinnes mixes

SL-18 Dj Ino Featuring Yoio C “It’s Around” Worlds Most Beautiful Remixes

SL-19 David Panda Feat Frosche “Loving Back” Franck Roger Mixes

SL-20 Franck Roger “Escavados Project”

SL-21 Jamie Thinnes Featuring Sidestreet Players “For Those Who Know”

SL-24 Franck Roger ‘We Walk To Dance’ LP Sampler

SL-26 Lefunken Feat. Stephanie Renee “Knowing”

SL-28 Graceland & Arnold Jarvis “The One”

SL-29 Franck Roger “Chase EP”

SL-30 Graceland & Arnold Jarvis “The One” 83 WEST Mixes

SL-33 Restless Soul Feat Zansika “And I Know It”

SL-34 Franck Roger “We Can Live”

SL-36 Luis Radio & Raffa “The Mood”

SLLP-01 S.U.M.O. “Workout” LP

SLLP-02 Franck Roger “We Walk To Dance” LP

**Earthtones Recordings Collection** from the year 1997 through 1999. The list of records included in the collection are listed below.

ET12-001 Natural Rhythm “The Jive EP”

ET12-002 Pete Moss “Infrared EP”

ET12-003 ADNY “Sincere, The Sky Be”

ET12-004 Dino & Terry “Crowd Control EP”

ET12-005 Natural Rhythm “Contrast In Nature” Part 1

ET12-006 Natural Rhythm “Contrast In Nature” Part 2

ET12-007 Pete Moss “All Terrain EP”

ET12-008 ADNY & Persuader “Quarter Of A Century” Part 1

ET12-009 ADNY & Persuader “Quarter Of A Century” Part 2

ET12-010 ADNY & Persuader “Quarter Of A Century” Part 3

Some Studio Kit For Sale

May 30th, 2011 Comments off

As it’s spring (and I moved house), I figured it’s time for a clean out… So regrettably I’m selling on some of my older outboard equipment.

There will be more being added over the coming weeks. See the links below for more info. UK only buyers though I’m afraid.

Novation BassStation Rack

BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer

HDB Audio TPA2 Tube/Valve Pre-Amp

Happy Bidding!


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FAZ006 Featured on Raoul Belmans ‘New Mix Monday’ for Chicago’s 5magazine.

April 11th, 2011 Comments off

John Larner – Deep Disco has been featured on Raoul Belmans of Swirl People’s new mix for 5 magazine

This week we’re featuring a new mix from Raoul Belmans (facebook, twitter, discogs, soundcloud). Interviewed in our April issue, Raoul is best known as half of Swirl People as well as head of the late Aroma Records and his current label Swirled Music.

This year, Raoul is celebrating his 20th year working as a DJ and producer with the aptly chosen title “Porcelain”. The Porcelain Tour launches this month and will come through the United States in the Summer and Autumn. He’s also releasing a series of EPs under that name. The first, Porcelain EP #1, is out now from Swirled Music on Juno Download and

You can reach Raoul at or on facebook. For booking information, contact in the USA or in Europe.

The full playlist for this mix is below.

01: The Littlemen Tell Me (Raoul Belmans Remix) Mobile Trax promo
02: Forbidden Pleasures Get Up Luxury Service Records
03: Ben Westbeech Falling (The 2 Bears Remix) Strictly Rhythm
04: Bucketbootleg Five-Oh Fantasy Henry Street
05: Chez Damier You Ain’t Dancin’ (Bredit) KMS
06: Culture Club Miss Me Bling (House Mix) Modulate
07: DJ Sneak Since 1993 Robsoul
08: Riva Starr pres. Starr Traxx More (KiNK Remix) Snatch
09: Paul Johnson So Much (Jason Hodges Remix) Sonrisa
10: Phil Weeks Luv U Need U Robsoul
11: Raoul Belmans Didadum Swirled Music
12: John Larner Deep Disco Fazed Music
13: DJ Pierre What Iz House Muzik (Original 95 Mix) Afro Acid
14: Lewie Day Bedwetter House Is The Cure
15: Carlo Once Upon A Flat Elevation Recordings
16: Sonny Fodera Work Large
17: Andreas Saag Don’t Panic Room With A View

Here’s a link to the full mix:

Fazed Music Podcast: Crate diggin’ vol: 1

March 12th, 2011 Comments off

This next podcast is a mix from around 10 years ago, I found when tidying up some mini-disks. (long live vinyl!!).

I don’t have the full track list but the mix features tracks & remixes from artists like DJ Sneak, Johnny Fiasco & Onionz amongst others.

The mix is  a general housey affair with some funkier, jazzy tracks tracks broken up with techier numbers.

I’m guessing this was just after I bought a Pioneer DJM 500 mixer. (Over cooked FX at times!)

Anyhow, it bought back some good memories of some quality nights & parties so hope you enjoy as much as I have!

Click here to download.


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FAZ006 John Larner’s Deep Disco Released Today!

March 7th, 2011 Comments off

After a hiatus of more than a year, UK label Fazed Music make a welcome return with a new single from John Larner.   ‘Deep Disco’ is the label’s sixth release and comes backed by remixes from the Midlands’ Damien Bailey & Ktheo and Chicago transplant Lee Jarvis. The three versions of ‘Deep Disco’ cover discofied, bumping, bleepy and funky deep house.

John Larner is a child of the Chicago and Detroit dance music scenes and has a twenty year career behind him of promoting, producing and DJing. A prolific artist, and well known for his collaborations with Slater Hogan, his music has appeared for such revered labels as Guesthouse, Dotbleep, GreenHouse and Nightshift and has been licensed to UK superpower Positiva.

FAZ006: John Larner – Deep Disco by Fazed Music

Damien Baily was a founding member of Funky Transport and later one half of Special Interest with Tom Latham.  His music can be found on Mobile Trax, Guesthouse, Tango and Phobic and has featured on Miguel Migs’ compilation ‘Get Salted’.  Here Damien teams up with Ktheo, aka Kurt Theobald, a Nottingham based session keyboardist who has worked with Digs & Whoosh and Dark Boogie. His own productions have been released by Equity Records, Defender Music, Hard Times and Exit 8.

John Larner – Deep Disco (Damien Bailey & Ktheo mix) by Fazed Music

Now based in Chicago, Lee Jarvis previously made an impact from his London base, appearing alongside people like Pezzner, Luke Solomon, Nick Curly, Jozif, Joey Youngman, Inland Knights and countless others at his Moochin night. He has released music for labels including 4Kenzo, Lost My Dog and Headtunes – music which has been supported by Chicago and San Francisco’s house royalty, including Mark Farina, Diz, Sneak and Heather.

FAZ006: John Larner – Deep Disco – Lee Jarvis’ Do It Proper Mix by Fazed Music

Fazed Music on Stompy Fazed Music on Beatport Fazed Music on Juno Download Fazed Music on Dance Music Hub
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